I love my Dad to death, but last night he pushed my buttons and I had finally had it with him. For the last few weeks, he has been vocal about politics. He doesn’t like Obama, he is pro-life and I am pro-choice, and he doesn’t support gay marriage. I have kept my mouth shut, because he is my dad and it just isn’t worth the fight. Well last night was the end of my patience. We had a difference of opinion on the outcome of the Zimmerman trial.

He was quite glad Zimmerman was found not guilty and I disagreed. I do agree that the prosecution had a tough battle and there was reasonable doubt, but I also think if the man hadn’t gotten out of the car that night Trayvon would still be alive. I basically told him that, and he started in on me. This was all through text messaging. I texted him to leave me alone and he kept texting me. I just couldn’t get why he couldn’t leave me alone, so I finally told him that I was sick of his crap and to leave me alone. He was then just an ass. My brother was there and he called me. He told me that dad had been drinking and he would talk to dad. I told my brother that I was a 46 year old woman and didn’t need this crap. I have forgiven this man for over 30 years for the crap he had said and I was tired of just sitting around and not confronting him.

Fast forward to this morning, and he sent me a text that he loved me, but never apologized. I told him that I was sick of his political crap and he owed me an apology for needling me last night. He didn’t agree and thought telling me he loved me was enough. I called him and he answered the phone like nothing had happened. I was in tears and asked him why he just couldn’t apologize. He didn’t see that he had done anything wrong. I then told him I was sick of listening to him say that gay marriage is wrong and won’t ever happen in Texas. I told him that basically he was saying I didn’t deserve the same rights as everyone else. He then said that he accepted me and my partner. He then stupidly said, I don’t approve of gays, but I love you and your partner. I then told him that he needed to learn to not always share EVERYTHING. Of all of his kids, I have stood by him more than the others. I have been the quickest to forgive and the last to speak my mind, but no more. I told him that he doesn’t need to talk politics around me because I am sick of it. I will not be silent any more and listen to what I don’t support. I will either voice my opinion or just leave.

This has been coming for some time now. I told Sylvia just last week, that at some point he was going to say something and I was going to lose it. I guess this was it.

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