Sylvia and I talk by phone and text daily when we are at work. Today was just like any other day. She texted me around 4:30 to tell me she was leaving work. I was already home and texted her back “OK”! I texted her again around 5:30 to see when I should start dinner. I was a bit surprised she wasn’t home yet. There was no reply to my text after fifteen minutes, so I called her. The call went right to voicemail. I thought maybe she was on the phone and had someone on hold. No worries, YET! I waited about fifteen more minutes and called again. Again, it goes straight to voice mail. It is now after 6:00, she isn’t home and her phone isn’t on. I don’t worry easily, but this was strange. Finally, after another fifteen minutes, the phone call went through. She answered and I said, “I have been WORRIED.” She said, “I am so sorry. I turned off my phone to reset it, and forgot to turn it back on.” I was just relieved that nothing was wrong. I then said, “You always worry about me when I don’t answer, and now you don’t answer.” She replied, “I know.” I wasn’t mad, just letting her know how concerned I was. I love her so much, I can’t imagine anything happening to her.


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