Sylvia recently got a splinter in her finger and asked me to try to get it out. I forgot how easily she is affected by medical things. While trying to get it out, she got a little faint and I had to stop. As we sat there she looked at me and said, “you are not a very good nurse. You just like to get it done and aren’t really very nurturing.” I sat and thought about it and she is right. I am pretty good at nurturing before and after I need to take care of a first aid issue, but during it I tell people to suck it up. I even do it with my own kids. Ethan had to have stitches a few weeks ago after falling and cutting his nose. He was totally freaking out about getting stitches and I told him that if they had to give him meds to calm him down, he would not get ice cream at the function we were at. We were at a retreat for special needs kids. Well he sucked it up and let them deaden his nose and do the stitches.

I think the kids even know that Sylvia is a better nurse than me. While at my dad’s pool yesterday, one of Ethan’s fingers got a small cut on it. I told him it would be fine and keep swimming. He had just rubbed it hard on a rock in the pool and banged it up a little. It was just me and Ethan at my dad’s house along with some other guests, but no Sylvia. Well, when we get home Ethan notices his finger and says, “Oh, my finger, I NEED TO SHOW SYLVIA.” He marches in to show her and she just gushes over it, saying it needs a band aid. She told him to go and take his bath and then she would doctor it. He marched off to take his bath. I just looked at her and started laughing. I guess he knew he wouldn’t get much sympathy from me. After his bath, she made all over him and bandaged it up!


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