SUMMER is here….finally! Not that we won’t both be busy working. I have a part-time job during the entire year, and during the summer I work more full-time with it. It is something that I enjoy doing and I can set my own schedule. I am an independent contractor so I can work as little or as much as I want. Sylvia is still working as well, but her schedule has slowed a bit. I am taking Ethan off this coming Friday to see my sister and stay with her for five nights. Jack has a part-time job, so he is staying home with Sylvia! I don’t like it when we are apart, but sometimes it just happens. I really want to see my sister and her son and Ethan get along really well!

Once I come home, we will plan to do some things together. We may take one day for a shopping spree with the boys and maybe go to the Cheesecake Factory like we did last summer. We also want to buy a new dishwasher! Before you know it, it will almost be time for school to start back up again. I plan on sleeping in when I can and going to the movies as well as RENTING movies. I am a movie freak!

Hope you all have an awesome summer too!


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