Sylvia and I are in south Texas with no children! We drove down to take Ethan to a camp for kids with special needs. He has Tourette Syndrome and all of the kids at this camp have it too we dropped him off around 6:00 last night and have been child free. Jack is staying with friends back home!

We had an awesome dinner last night. We found a restaurant with American and Mexican food. Mexican food is not her favorite. We had blackberry cobbler with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream. Wesley hard last night and shopped most of the day today. We found a local place for lunch and are going out to eat here in a bit.

This is our first time to travel without the kids since we have been together. We have really enjoyed our time together. We pick Ethan up tomorrow and head home. We really needed this time together. We have both been working a lot and have not had much time together!

**excuse any typing mistake! I am writing this on my Ipad!


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