I have had a very long week at work. On Friday, I spent three and a half hours taking the GRE! OH MY! When I completed the test, I went back to my car and turned on my phone. I couldn’t take anything in with me when I took the test. I even had to lock my car keys in a locker during the test! The first thing I see when I turn on my phone is a text from Sylvia. She wrote that she knew I was in the test and would see this later, but she knew I had done awesome and she loved me! I called her and she sounded so sweet. She told me I sounded tired and she wished she would be home when I got home! We talked for a bit as I drove and then I arrived home.

She came home later after she worked. Later, when we went to bed she laid and stroked my hair. It was very sweet. I fell asleep in her arms after a while and woke up with her this morning. It is nice to have someone who thinks of me and puts me first sometimes. Of course, I do my best to take care of her. She is working SO much right now and has about another six weeks before things calm down a bit. I am looking forward to the summer. I will start graduate school in the Fall. It is all online, but I will be working full-time and taking two classes. Jack will be a senior next year and Ethan will be in seventh grade. I am hoping I can juggle it all, but knowing Sylvia will be with me through it all makes it easier.


6 thoughts on “She Takes Care of Me

    1. I bet. I am only taking two classes each semester. My financial aid already came through, so I am happy about that. I am hoping to finish in 2 1/2 years, if I can take two classes next summer.

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