It has been a busy few weeks since I last wrote. I decided about a month ago to apply to graduate school to further my career. I have been accepted on a probationary basis and am taking the GRE as my final step to being admitted. I have even received my financial aid award and registered for my classes! Sylvia has been a very big support to me in making this decision. I have bounced the idea around for a few years, but I think I finally found what I really want to do!! It should take me right at two and a half years to finish and get my degree!

Sylvia and I are also going on a short vacation soon all alone! Well, lets clarify that….we are dropping Ethan off at a camp for two nights and we are staying close by. This is the first time though that we will travel and have some time alone. We plan on shopping and eating. I am nervous about leaving Ethan at camp, but it will be good for him. He is excited about going. It is a camp for special needs children and there will be kids there who have the same issues he has.

We are all counting down the days until Summer Break. I am taking the boys on a trip to see my sister and to the state deaf school for a family weekend retreat. Sylvia has way too much work and can’t go with us, but that is OK. I think she sometimes needs a break from all of us and we will have fun! I enjoy getting to see my sister and nephew!

Sylvia and I are doing well. Communication has been really good since we MADE OUR PLAN! I am so thankful to have her in my life. She is my rock.


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