Yesterday was a hard day. I was off work due to the holiday and the AC man was coming by to do a maintenance service on the unit. Sylvia was at work with a student and I knew I couldn’t disturb her. We didn’t think anything was going to be needed with the AC, so we didn’t make a plan. Well, the AC man comes(this is a company I have used for years) and starts looking at the thermostat. He mentions that it is not the correct kind for a heat pump. We had discovered this six months prior when the they had done a service, but I wasn’t here and Sylvia had them just leave it as it was.

The service guy and I get to talking and he says we will save money if it is connected correctly and use less electricity. I know I can’t call Sylvia, so I just tell him to do it. He tells me the cost–$383 and I just have to decide on my own. We also needed a drainage pipe cleaned that drains out water. The total cost was $461. I texted Sylvia after a while and she calls when she is done. Well, she isn’t happy. She doesn’t understand why we needed to spend the money and such. The guy also mentioned we needed to have the thermostat wires totally replaced next time, if not sooner, because they were degrading.

Now the thermostat that was not correct was one we had gotten and paid someone $25 to install, who should have told us that it was the wrong kind. I knew Sylvia would not be happy about spending money, but she really wasn’t happy. I am in tears and she is upset too. We both finally calm down and agree that next time we will handle it differently. She doesn’t even get home until after 8:00 and this was all happening around 4:00. Later, as we cuddled in bed I told her we needed a plan for the next time a service person comes to the house. If either of us is working, while the other is at the house, we have to decide how we want to communicate. There are times when we just can’t interrupt the other at work. She liked this idea. I told her next time I would text her and give her 15 minutes to reply. If she didn’t call or text then I would just have to decide on my own and she would do the same if she was home.

I assure Sylvia that this is HER house too and she has the right to make decisions about how WE spend our money. I know I am dealing with old baggage from previous girlfriends, and I am hoping one day she does truly believe me! Well, I know she believes me but when things like this happen, it gives her pause.

Things are all good now! Repairs and spending money cause stress in any relationship. We know now what our plan is and hopefully this will help us the next time we have a similar situation.


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