It was interesting to see the report on Republican Senator Rob Portman’s that stated he has now changed his mind on gay marriage. This change came about after his son revealed that he was gay. Here is a link to a recent article. I wish he could have come to this conclusion prior to learning his son was gay, but I am glad to see that he is NOW OUT and supporting gay marriage. The Supreme Court will soon hear two cases on same-sex marriage and I am hoping that their decision opens the doors to those of us who are in same-sex relationships to be able to marry.

Sylvia and I were discussing this today, because I asked her if she had heard about the Senator. We would like to get married and have the same rights that any heterosexual couples have. We did pay an attorney to write our Wills and write up Powers of Attorney for each of us. I even made her guardian of OUR two boys. I consider them hers just as much as they are mine, because she has been with us for almost three years now. She has never shied away from being a step-parent. I could add her to my health insurance, leave her money or the house(which I am doing if I die first, sad, but you have to think about these things) without her being TAXED for it. She would be a surviving spouse.

I hope others in our community and across this country will see that we are fighting the same battle that inter-racial couples fought over 40 years ago. We just want to be treated like everyone else. I am also hoping my dad will see the light. He is VERY against same-sex marriage. I just avoid the subject with him. It isn’t like he is the greatest role model for marriage, he left my mom for another woman.

Hopefully we will all have the right to marry the one we love and hopefully it will be SOON!


4 thoughts on “Views Change

  1. Mmm. Empathising with your own son is hardly the most advanced empathy. Would it not be wonderful if a Republican senator who was a friend of Portman could make the wild leap of empathising with his friend’s son?

  2. I’m crossing my fingers for this as well. I want so much to marry the woman I have been with for the last 10 years. We have a daughter now and I want her to know that we are just let everyone else!

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