I am off of work all week next week, however I will be working my second job a bit. I can work when I want too with that job, so I make my own schedule. However, Sylvia is working FULL time these days. She usually works a very flexible schedule, but now she is working 9-5 and sometimes 9-8. Of course, this makes it hard when I am working full time, plus my second job. We have both been a bit stressed lately, and we were a bit snappy last night. However, we laid in bed and worked things out. I hate that works get in the way, but bills have to be paid! The one good thing about me being off from my full time job next week, is we can sleep in a bit later and the boys can too. They are out of school too, so hopefully I will be a little less stressed, which should help Sylvia! I hope!

Relationships are a lot of work. I have found though, that I am more willing to compromise and work things out with Sylvia than I had been with my ex-husband. This truly shows me how right Sylvia and I are together. At least when we argue, we do make up and making up can be fun!


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