It has been a very interesting and LONG week. Sylvia bought a used car last weekend and has spent the week getting it ready for the SWITCH. She is giving me her old car for my oldest boy and of course, will have her NEW used car. Well, first she got an oil change for it and had it looked over. She had to buy a part from a dealership to fix a light, but all seemed good. She finally started really driving it on Friday and it overheated on her. She had to leave it in a BAD part of town, about an hour from us(with traffic). A hose had come loose it looked like from someone who stopped to help her. Actually, the car never overheated, she got it pulled over and off before that happened. Someone she knows in the area drove her to a half way point and I picked her up. We talked on the way home and then she let it all out and cried. She was so frustrated. I let her cry and held her.

She left the car at a garage, that was already closed, and got the number off of it. We set out the next morning to get it taken care of. She called the garage and they had seen the car and wondered what was up with it. We get down there, and they are a body shop with no mechanic. He recommends a garage and she drives it less than 30 seconds down the road. The mechanic looks at it and says he needs a clip that we will have to get from the dealership. We call the closest one and THEY don’t have it. We drive 45 min to another dealership, that we called beforehand to make sure they had it, and picked it up. The mechanic is busy when we get back so we leave the part and go off to run errands. We arrive home and get a phone call it is all ready. We spend another 45 min driving down there and we pick up the car. She had already decided to leave the car at a local place to have them look over ALL the hoses and such.

On the way home the check engine light comes on….ARGHHHHH. We did make it to the garage and drop it off. They changed one spark plug today and cleaned a few areas. They double checked everything and all was good. She drove the car most of the day and had NO issues! She had gone down in her OLD car to pick up her NEW car and left the old car there. I was off running errands today.
We took both boys with us to pick up her OLD car. Ethan was SO excited to ride in the new car. He likes to check out switches and things. Jack drove the old car back, since it will BE HIS car soon. I just have to get the title in my name and he has to take his driving test in a week for his license. We then get that car on my insurance and we are good to go. Jack enjoyed driving the car home and I can see that the idea of having his own car is MORE to his liking now. He had been hesitant at first, but having a car means FREEDOM!

Through all of this, my goal was to take care of Sylvia. If she needed to cry, let her cry. If she needed to vent, then let her vent. I know we will always be there for each other and that is what counts!


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