bday Valentine’s Day is this week and I have Sylvia a little something and a card. We don’t believe in spending a LOT of money on Valentine’s Day. I can’t say what I got her, she reads this blog, but it is something edible! Her birthday is exactly ONE week after Valentine’s Day. Now, I love buying gifts for her, but I just NEVER know what to get her. She and I are both very practical people. We don’t believe in spending a lot of money on jewelry or other extravagant things. We are pretty down to Earth people! I ordered her gift today and now I just have to tell her to NOT open any packages that arrive at the house. I know it is something she will like and I can’t wait to give it to her. We will probably go out to eat for her birthday too. The boys and I usually get her a cake and celebrate her birthday at home. She is not really BIG into celebrating her birthday, but she tolerates it! My birthday follows quickly in April! Hmmmm, I wonder what she will get me!


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