Sylvia is really working a lot of hours these days. She doesn’t want me to share what she does, so I won’t, but she has more clients than she can almost handle. Of course, there are times, when she doesn’t know if she will have enough clients, so having too many is a little nice. The bad thing is, she overworks herself and is over tired. This makes it hard on both of us. Of course, there are times when I am overworked and our roles are reversed. I rub her back at night and try to not add stress to her day, but I sometimes do even when I am trying NOT too! I guess that is just how it is when you love someone. I asked her to try to slow things down if she could and she agreed that she would. I was glad to hear it! I want to take care of her as well as she takes care of me. I miss her when she works late, but we take the time to cuddle at night and in the morning. Sometimes we just hold each other and drift off to sleep and don’t talk. I like that and so does she!


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