for my wife

“For My Wife” is a documentary that I recently watched on Netflix. Here is a summary from Netflix-

Outraged at how she was treated during and after the tragic death of her longtime life partner, Kate, Charlene Strong transformed from a dental office manager into a full-fledged gay rights activist who started making a difference all across the U.S. Through Charlene’s incredible journey, this inspiring documentary illuminates the importance of courage and determination in establishing equality for all LGBT Americans.

This is a documentary that really hit me close to home. After watching it, I was glad that Sylvia and I had taken the steps we did after moving in together. We visited a lawyer, who treated us as a married couple, to see what paperwork we needed to protect ourselves. We each had a Will written(I have the boys so mine was a bit more intense), power of attorney for each other and I dealt with guardianship for the boys. I also had paperwork drawn up that stated that Sylvia had the right to make medical decisions for the boys if I wasn’t there to do so. Sylvia has no family in the U.S., so she really needed something that gave me the right to make decisions if she is unable to do so. I was afraid my family might keep her from me, if I were sick and in the hospital so I wanted this same protection. I highly doubt anyone in my family would do this, BUT you never know. We have kept the house in my name, but if something happens to me then she gets part of it.

After watching this documentary, I am even more determined that WE, as homosexual individuals in the U.S., should be afforded the same rights as heterosexual couples. I can’t even add Sylvia to my health insurance, which really irritates me. I mentioned the Supreme Court in my last post, and I truly hope they do make a decision that favors equal rights for all.

If you get a minute, please do watch this documentary. It is hard to watch at times, because it is hard to see what this person went through. It is also hard to hear the ignorance of others who spoke against homosexualilty.


6 thoughts on “For My Wife

  1. This is excellent advice. You were so smart to do all the paperwork, especially with kids and the fact that Sylvia is from another country. S and I need to have this discussion about what we need to do. I learned during my divorce that people will agree to one thing and the minute emotion gets involved they forget all the promises they made. Thanks so much for the movie recommendation. Can’t wait to see it!

  2. To clarify my above comment: I meant the emotion of family members. S and I both have very clear ideas of what we want should something happen to us, but neither of us has it in writing.

    1. I totally got it the first time you wrote. Let me know what you think of the documentary. Like I said, parts of it were hard to watch just because I kept imagining what Sylvia and I would do in these situations. Oh and family members can change their minds about things and treat a partner like crap. Hopefully, one day, we can marry and we won’t need these papers to protect ourselves.

  3. Yes, I hope that one day, soon, we have equal rights. And for those that love to throw religion in the mix, I’d remind them about separation of church and state.

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