I wrote back at Christmas that Sylvia and I exchanged jewelry at Christmas. I gave her a necklace with an Infinity charm and she gave me an Infinity ring. I guess I am still old-fashioned enough that I want a wedding ring. I wear my ring on my wedding finger and have had a few friends, who know about Sylvia, ask me about it when they see it. I am still getting used to putting it on each morning and have forgotten it a few times. Thankfully, Sylvia doesn’t get upset, she understands that I am just not used to wearing it yet. Of course, she does remind me that she hasn’t forgotten her necklace ONCE! I am hoping that in my lifetime, that I can marry Sylvia in the state we live in!


5 thoughts on “My Ring, Her Necklace

  1. I can’t wait to be married to her. I used to never wear my wedding ring when I was married to my ex. It didn’t mean anything to me. Now, S could give me a twist tie and I would be proud to wear it. We have matching James Avery rings, too, the eternal love ones. I love the infinity ones!

    1. Oh isn’t James Avery the nicest! I’ll have to look up the ones you have. Sylvia didn’t want a ring, so we were trying to find a ring with a necklace she liked. Maybe the Supreme Court will make a ruling that will allow all of us to marry. Woudln’t that me nice?

  2. I have a St Christopher that my gf gave me and I never take it off. My husband knows where it came from, and he has finally stopped asking me to get rid of it bc he knows I won’t. This may seem cruel, but I just can’t part with it. She gave it to me to keep me safe and as symbol of her love for me. I feel like she is with me when I have it on.

    How sweet that you both exchanged infinity symbols. The notion made me all warm inside 🙂

    Do you Pinterest? I have become obsessive about looking at lesbian wedding boards.

  3. I am glad you have something that your GF gave you. It does make it nice to have something to keep her close to your heart. I do not Pintrest, but I have done some research into lesbian weddings. I am NOT sure what we would do. Neither one of us is very FEM! She is more feminine than me, but neither of us is into planning and getting all fancy. I think we would keep it simple and have family only. We did have Wills made and powers of attorney, so we are married in that since, but I want it recoginzed so we DON’T need those papers, you know?

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