I go back to work tomorrow after having two weeks off and the boys go back to school. I am going to miss all of the cuddling that Sylvia and I share when I go back to work. Now, don’t get me wrong, we make time to cuddle, even on mornings when we have to work, but we just don’t get the same length of time to cuddle. We have had mornings where we just lay for an hour in bed, cuddling and talking. Most mornings, our youngest cat whines at the door to get in and at some point we let her in. She likes to cuddle with us too. On work mornings, I let the cat in when I go to take a shower and she keeps Sylvia company.

Going back to work makes me appreciate these slow lazy mornings that we get to just lay and cuddle. We don’t have to rush to get somewhere. We can take our time with breakfast and just be together. Both boys even cooperated over this period and slept in later than we did! Spring Break is coming in March, so we will have that week together and summer will be here before you know it. I am so glad to have Sylvia in my life…..she is my heart.


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