We have had a very nice Christmas break. We spent time with my mom on Christmas Eve  afternoon and then the four of us had dinner that night. This was our second Christmas together as a family. My brother and his family came over for Christmas Day dinner and then we went to my dad’s house.

Sylvia and I exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve and so we each had our jewelry on when  we saw our family members. She wore her necklace and I wore my ring. I was waiting to see if my dad would make a negative comment about my ring, that I am wearing on my wedding ring finger, but he did not.  I love my ring and I love seeing Sylvia with her necklace on.

I have been off of work since the 21st of this month and so we have enjoyed some lazy mornings cuddling in bed. It is so nice to have the time to cuddle. We also enjoy the extra time at night when we don’t have to rush to bed. Her work load has slowed down a bit with the break so we aren’t as tired as we usually are at night. I am off work until Jan. 7th, so we have a few more lazy mornings together.

We are going to a women’s dance tonight with some of our friends. It is so much fun. We can’t wait! I am hoping that 2013 is a good year for us. I am sure it will be!


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