Sylvia and I have talked for several months about getting some kind of matching jewelry for Christmas. We looked online at some choices at James Avery. The hard part was, she didn’t want to wear a ring. She wanted a necklace, so we had to find a necklace and ring that had the same design.

We did find two designs that we liked and so this past weekend we went up to the store to actually take a look at them. One had a knot design for “tying the knot” and the other was the infinity symbol. We agreed on using the infinity symbol. She got the necklace and I got the ring.

Now we are waiting until Christmas to exchange these gifts. I have another gift for her and she has one for me! Even though I know about the ring, I am excited about getting it at Christmas and then wearing it everyday. I am going to wear it on my wedding ring finger. This may lead to questions from people who don’t know about Sylvia, but it is what it is and I am ready for that. I love the chain that Sylvia chose and the pendant is very pretty.

I can only hope that my dad doesn’t put his foot in his mouth when he sees the ring on my wedding ring finger. He had a fit when my son decided to wear his class ring on his index finger, rather than his ring finger. He went on and on about it, and how he wouldn’t let HIS son buy a class ring(meaning dad paid for it) if he was going to wear it on his index finger. IT IS JUST WRONG. It is the wrong finger and grandpa is afraid that Jack will be made fun of. I told my dad, “you know, he told his friends that his mom is a lesbian, so I doubt he is too worried about what they think about the ring he wears his finger on.” That actually did make my dad shut up for a minute. I told my dad, that of all of the things I have to worry about, which finger Jack wears his class ring on is the least of my worries. I sure hope my dad doesn’t tell me that wearing my infinity ring on my wedding ring finger is WRONG, because I may come unglued. I know he doesn’t support gay marriage and I sometimes wonder what he will do WHEN we do get the right to marry IF he will come to the wedding. We shall see!


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