My sweetheart, Sylvia, is such a good wife and step-parent. We are not officially married, we can do that in our state, but we consider ourselves married. She is also a great step-mom to my two boys. She took one to school the other morning, because he forgot to shave and had to for ROTC that day. He missed the bus and so she took him to school. She said he even gave her a big hub before getting out of the car. The following day she picked up my other son, Ethan, from school because he was so wound up(he is special needs) that the principal didn’t want to put him on the bus. I was 3o minutes away at work, so she went and got him for me. She does this all with no complaints and without any fuss. She takes Jack to his orthodontic appointments, and helps me keep track of all of their other doctor’s appointments on our large monthly calendar. She also helps me with discipline, just by being there to support me! I just wanted to brag on her a little! She deserves it!


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