I left on Sunday for a three night trip out of town for a conference for work. Sylvia kept the boys for those three days. She worked on those days also, so Jack babysat Ethan. Overall, they all did a good job. Both boys pushed Sylvia a bit on following some rules, but got in line once she laid down the law. Sylvia did a great job being the mom for those three nights-four days, but was ready to hand over the HEAD MOM duties back to me! I spoke to all of them during those three days and even got to use Face Time on the iPad on Tuesday afternoon to talk to all of them. It was nice to see Ethan sitting next to Sylvia with his head on her shoulder. It proves to me how at ease the boys are with her and how accepting they are of her as a stepmom. Thankfully, I don’t travel very much, but if I do need to travel again, I know the three of them will be fine without me for a few days!


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