My parents are divorced and have been for a long time. I came out to each one of the separately and both did pretty well with the news. In fact, my dad seemed to adjust better to the news than my mom did. My dad and stepmom have been very accepting of Sylvia and have welcomed her into the family. Now here comes the HOWEVER!

However, just last week, my dad let his views on gay marriage be known to me. We were having a very simple conversation and Sylvia came up. I don’t want to get into the whole conversation, but I made the comment that I wanted to marry her. My dad came back with, “well that will never happen in this state.” He said it with a bit of an attitude. I then said, “well if it is Federally mandated, then the state won’t have a choice.” He then made a racial slur about the President and said that if the president had his way, it would be Federally mandated.

I am really not sure what bothered me more, the fact that he is against gay marraige or that he used a racial slur when discussing our President(or any other preson of color.) Thankfully, my boys, who were with me, were not around us at the time to hear all of this. I think what bothers me most is, my dad hasn’t always walked the MORAL high ground. He is Catholic and cheated on my mom, TWICE! Now he sits there and tells me that gays should not be allowed to marry. OH it just irritated me to no end, but I didn’t argue with him about it. I will never change his mind. I changed the subject and that was that. He told me later that he loved me several times. He must have realized he had hit a nerve with me. I wanted to throw in his face that he hadn’t lived up to his Catholic faith by acting as he had, so how could he sit there and judge others. How could he as a Catholic use a racial slur. It is beyond me. He is entitled to his opinion, and I can respect that, but he doesn’t have to voice it so strongly around me. He should know it would hit a nerve with me. I will voice my opinion about the racial slur next time he uses it, especially if it is around my children.


2 thoughts on “My Dad!

  1. It is hard to stand up to your father. Possibly showing how hurt you are will have an effect on him.

    I told mine how much I despised his second wife for shutting me out, and what I thought of her, and he did not defend her, and that almost hurt more.

  2. I understand. I love my dad, but I just don’t GET him. Just a few years ago, he got into with me about attending church and raising my sons. I wanted to scream at him…Look at what attending church daily got you…adultry. You have to live your faith daily, not just on Sundays in church.

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