I blogged a bit ago about the refrigerator breaking down and purchasing a new one! Well, it was delivered and is working GREAT! We took the boys shopping a few days later and decided to get a new kitchen table and we looked at beds for Jack. This was on Thursday of  last week. Well, at 1:00 AM on Saturday morning I wake up to Sylvia asking me if the house is warm. We get up and sure enough the AC is not working properly. I have a phone number and name of the company I use on the inside unit and thought I would call and hope for an answering service. Boy, was I surprised when someone answered and said they could have someone there between four and six–just a few hours away! He also said I coud maybe get a daytime appointment. Well, we decided for the early morning appointment and had the AC back up and running by 6 AM.

We had two major things happen that had to be fixed and THEN the faucet in the boys’ bathroom started leaking AGAIN. I called the plumber and he is going to look at it and see if he can fix it under warranty. If not, then it will cost us about $350 for him to install a new faucet and that includes the cost of the faucet. It really depends on how much we want to spend on the faucet! The check engine light came on in my car and it is under warranty to be fixed, but no rental cars right now, so I am on a list.

Oh and I decided to buy Jack a new bed for his birthday. Needless to say we spent around $4,000 in about a week! Thankfully we have some money in savings and I have some money in savings for me to use on the boys! All I can say is, I probably won’t have to fix anything soon, because it has all BEEN FIXED already! The good thing is, through it all Sylvia and I got through it! We put our kitchen table together today, after putting Jack’s bed together this past Sunday. We still have four chairs to put together! Once we have it all looking nice I’ll have to post some pictures! I do love that woman!


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