The first major appliance Sylvia and I purchased together was a dryer, but it was only around $325 and we paid cash for it. Well, the boys and I went to see my mom this weekend and I get a call from Sylvia around 9:00 PM last night and she says that the freezer is not freezing. OH NO! She moves all of the freezer items from the refrigerator to our large outdoor freezer. By this morning, we know the fridge is dead. It isn’t cooling in the fridge part either.

Well, the boys and I were scheduled to be home this morning and we arrived around 10:45. After a quick lunch and checking out some websites, we decide we are just going to buy a new fridge. We could pay for a service call, but if it is the compressor we know it will cost more to fix than to replace…or at least be worth replacing.

We drove to a major store near us and after looking at what they had, we decided on a purchase. We put it on a credit card with 18 months no interest. We bought a service plan for five years. I don’t usually get a service plan, but the fridge that died wasn’t that old and I had sunk $500 for a new computer 2 years ago. We got the five-year service plan and using their credit card got 5% more off. It was hard for Sylvia to buy something this expensive. She did well and kept breathing! We have a plan to get it paid for in the 18 months if not sooner.

I was proud of us. We struggle communicating at times when we are stressed and this was definitely stressful. We are using a cooler and ice to keep what we need cold until we get the new refrigerator on Wednesday!


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