We went to the Rec center yesterday here in town. It was time to renew our membership and it was really quite easy. The woman was very nice and printed out the information and since the boys are under 18 we needed to sign that we would be responsible for them. Well the woman looks at both of us and you can see she is in a quandary. She wants to be nice and I believe at this point she knows we are a couple. She looks at us both and asks me if I am the boys mom. I said I was and then she asked that Sylvia also sign the forms.

We both signed the forms and started on our way. I looked at Sylvia and smiled. I then said, “I think she figured out we are a couple, but wasn’t sure about our relationship with the boys. I don’t think she wanted to offend either of us by really asking if BOTH of us were the mom, so she had us both sign. I think she was stuck on what to say!” Sylvia agreed and we thought it was nice that she let us both sign and didn’t make a big deal about the boys having two moms. She had no idea how long we had been together, if we had adopted the boys by chance, or if one of us was the biological mother. She did the politically correct thing and was polite about it. The woman was much younger than us and I am sure that homosexual relationships don’t shock her as much as they do people my own age and older. It made for a nice start to our work out!


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