My son Jack is growing into a fine young man. He will be 16 next month and is still very much a boy, but at times I see the man that he will become. We decided to buy a jigsaw puzzle for us to work on all summer! He really wanted one and so we were ambitious and purchased a 2000 piece puzzle. We finally have the outer edges done, minus a few pieces, and now we just have to build up the courage to start on the rest!

One nice thing that has come out of this though, has been spending time with Jack. He usually stays closed up in his room playing on his laptop. I am trying to limit his time on it, but even if he isn’t on that he is just lying around. He comes out to eat and sometimes will sit and watch TV with me. He mows the yard and pitches in with other yard work quite well. Today he earned some money refereeing at a local soccer tournament. Anyway, back to the puzzle! We were working on the puzzle the other night and listening to the 9:00 news. The story about the Target ad with the two dads came on and as we listened to how people were horrified that Target would show two dads in a relationship together, Jack says, “Why can’t people just be tolerant?” I looked up at him and said, “I agree”. He then replied, “People just need to get over it. It is not a big deal.” I was impressed with his attitude and pleased to see it. I have only been “out” for 18 months and here is my son who has been very accepting of my relationship with Sylvia, but now I see he is accepting of anyone who is gay or a lesbian.

I picked him up from the tournament today and he was in a good mood for a kid running around in 95 degree refereeing for three hours. We started talking about driver’s ed. which starts in another week. He then said, “my other mom will be telling me how to drive too.” I was a bit surprised. He has never called Sylvia mom before, even in conversations. We have discussed that she lives here and that he is to mind her just as he minds me, but we have never brought up the word mom. He didn’t mind me telling Sylvia about it a bit later when we saw her at home.

I am happy to see that my son is such a caring young man who is accepting of others. I told my mom the story about the Target ad and she said, “Jack’s generation is going to be a lot different. They won’t stand for the intolerance that we see now.” I am hoping this is true. This generation is growing up with this in the media and they don’t see it as big a deal as others of my generation and older see it. Maybe there is hope with this generation. For now, I am a happy mom in a happy family, who is in a happy relationship!


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