This has been our first week of the summer. I am off for the summer, although I do work a side job that I can schedule as I like. The boys have a few doctors’ appointments, but nothing to keep us too crazy. Sylvia and I have enjoyed sleeping in this week and by sleeping in, I mean to about 7:30 or 8:00! We are usually awake around 6:00 am during the school year and then UP around 6:30 or so! Ethan has been waking up around 7:00 and has learned to be quiet and Jack sleeps in as late as I will let him!

There are a few mornings where we do have to GET UP and MOVING, but not as early as 6:00. I have a three-day workshop next week and have to be out the door by 8:00 each morning! Jack is going to babysit Ethan, with some help from Sylvia. I am paying Jack, so hopefully he will do a good job! Sylvia will be in and out with her work. She steps in when needed!

The summer will go by fast. I am taking the boys to see my mom in a few weeks. Sylvia may come, if she doesn’t have to work and I will drop her off to see a friend of hers! She is welcome at my mom’s house, but hanging with my mom is just not her thing. We usually take the boys to the movies and do some shopping! Other than that, I think we will enjoy sleeping in and staying up a little. Just not having to get UP and ready each morning at the crack of dawn is a vacation. Having Sylvia to cuddle with each night and morning makes it even nicer!

2 thoughts on “First Week of Summer!

  1. I love this blog, it is normal people doing normal things. There is a place for anguished self-examination as I indulge in, and- yours is heartwarming. Thank you.

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