Sylvia was off on her mystery shops today and I had just returned home from some of my shops. Jack and I were out hanging clothes when my phone rang. It was Sylvia(I am so glad I took my phone out with me, sometimes I forget it in the house). Well, she was at a gas station and her car hadn’t started. The attendant assisted her in getting it started and she was afraid to turn it off. She asked if I could meet her at a car garage to have it looked at and of course, I said SURE!

I had a 3:00 appointment at a tire store to get my tires rotated and possibly replaced.  The tire store was right across the street from the garage that Sylvia uses. I made it to the tire store and dropped $500 on tires. She called and ran by to get her extra car key that I had bought with me to leave at the garage. She walked over when she got finished dropping it off and by that time my car was about done.

She had more shops to do, but decided she wanted to come home for a bit. She was so sure it was the starter that was broken and that it was going to cost a lot of money to get it fixed. She already needed brake pads and was going to have those replaced too. I sat and held her hand, because I knew she was upset. It always seems like things hit all at once(she just spend about $1500 on a plane ticket to Europe to go home for a week in July). She cried a bit and I let her. She holds me when I am upset about things and pats my hand too. The mechanic called and thankfully it was just the battery. She spent about as much as I did and we even got her car back this evening.

One thing I appreciate about our relationship is that we lean on each other. Sylvia was still a bit grumpy before we got her car, and I went in and managed to cheer her up a bit. She ran to do her shops after I dropped her off to get her car and she just texted that she is on her way home!! What a day we had, but we made it through together!


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