We had a nice weekend! We both had some errands to run that related to work, so we didn’t see each other much on Saturday. However we found time for a nap together for the last three days! Oh how nice it is to cuddle up and take a nap with Sylvia! We also slept in yesterday and today, although she might have a different opinion on that. My idea of sleeping is, is not having to get up at 6:00am for work. We were up around 7:30 this morning. I went out and got some yard work done after breakfast and by 9:00 this morning, most of the chores were done!

The boys had a nice weekend. Their dad came into town and took them to a movie. They have not seen him since Christmas, and I am so glad they got to spend some time together.

I am four days away from being off this summer! I have a workshop in June that is three days, but in the area. I then have a three day workshop in July and Sylvia is going to keep the boys, because it is out of town. I’ll be gone for four days and three nights.  I am sure I’ll have a lot to blog about then!


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