When we went to the wedding last month, the minister said something that really stuck with me. You should NEED someone because you LOVE them, not LOVE someone because you NEED them. This defines my love for Sylvia. Towards the end of my marriage to my ex husband, I loved him because I needed him. I didn’t think I could raise two kids and pay all the bills on my own. This happened slowly over time. I loved him when we were first married and for many years after, but not like I love Sylvia. I have loved Sylvia more intensely than anyone, except for maybe my children and that is a different kind of love.

Sylvia went out-of-town for one night and is coming home today. I texted her and asked if she had time to talk and she responded with “Yes please”. Just that one phrase made my heart flutter. She wanted to talk to me as much as I wanted to talk to her. The last two weeks have been so hectic at work for both of us and I think I was feeling all of that. The craziness of life and her being out-of-town for one night. My love for her overwhelmed me today, reminding me of those “Happy Attacks” that I had so many months ago.  I am patiently waiting for her to arrive home now. I can’t wait to see her!


4 thoughts on “I Need Her Because I Love Her!

  1. I am a 19 year old gay male haha. I may not comment often, but I have gotten your posts emailed to me for quite some time now and I usually read everyone of them. Your life is very interesting thank you for sharing!!

  2. Oh wow! Actually jealous of your relationship and the love you have, but more importantly so happy you have this love now! You sound really suited to one another and I’m glad you found each other. ❤

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