I don’t need a piece of paper to show the world that I love Sylvia, but I would like the option. Sylvia and I consider ourselves married. We have been to a lawyer and have powers of attorney for each other, because we may need them one day. We see ourselves as a family with the boys and she is in the role of a step mother. However, the government doesn’t see it that way and that is why we did have to visit a lawyer. Sylvia pays a great deal for her health insurance because she is self-employed. I asked my employer about adding her to my health insurance and they don’t recognize domestic partnerships, so Sylvia cannot be added. If she and I were married then I could add her to my health insurance. We would have the same rights under the law and that is what I want. It doesn’t have to be called a marriage, I don’t mind domestic partnership. We shouldn’t discriminated against because we are not seen as a couple in the eyes of the law. The law should be blind to that.

I was out of the loop the other day when President Obama made his statement supporting same-sex marriage. When I did hear about it, I smiled and felt good inside. Does it change anything right now? No, but maybe, just maybe one day Sylvia and I can celebrate our wedding and be afforded the same rights as others who marry!


3 thoughts on “I Don’t Need a Piece of Paper, but….

  1. My only problem with politicians stating their opinion is that I seldom think they believe what they say or say what they believe. I think they say what they think we want to hear. As far as I am concerned it shouldn’t be an ISSUE. Marriage is about love and commitment not politics.
    Good luck to you. I hope someday you can have the same rights that I share with my husband.

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