Sylvia and I were laying in bed the other night and she was playing with my breasts. I don’t want to say she was squeezing too hard, but I did say, “are you trying to milk me like a cow?” She just laughed and said, “no”. I then said, “well they are mammary glands and do produce milk.” She agreed but replied with, “not anymore, it has been 11 years since your last baby.” Well, I then decided to show her and squeezed one of breasts and sure enough a small droplet of milk was produced. Well saying Sylvia freaked out was an understatement…..she really freaked out. I thought at first that she was just acting like it freaked her out to be silly, but no she was really freaked out.

I was actually afraid that she might never touch my breasts again. After a lot of discussion she realized that there really wasn’t but a droplet being produced and even that took a bit of effort on my part. We discussed how milk “drops” or “comes in” after you have a baby and how difficult it is when you stop breast feeding to let your milk “dry up”.

Of course, Sylvia has never been pregnant or birthed a child so she had no clue how breast feeding really works and that is OK. It at least led to an interesting conversation.


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