No it wasn’t our wedding! Sylvia and I drove 11 hours over two days to attend my cousin’s wedding! OH MY what a long trip, but we had so much fun. We arrived on Friday afternoon and got to see my grandmother. Everyone was very nice to Sylvia. In fact, my grandmother took her by the hand and talked to her for quite some time. We went out to dinner with her and a few other family members. My mom arrived and decided to stay at my grandmother’s house with the boys. We had a nice visit at dinner and then checked into the hotel.

The wedding was not until 6:00 pm on Saturday so we spent the day going to a few flea markets and getting lunch. I showed Sylvia around my home town. The wedding was beautiful and as I sat there I hoped that one day Sylvia and I could celebrate a wedding of our own.

The reception was loads of fun. Sylvia doesn’t like to dance, so Ethan I had some fun on the dance floor with all of the other guests. Jack visited with family and didn’t want to dance. He is such a teen. The whole family was very welcoming to Sylvia! We ate a lot, but didn’t drink. We made it back to the hotel and crashed! We made the trip home in one day and somehow we all survived.

I am so happy that Sylvia has met my extended family. I hope we can get back to see them all again!


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