Sylvia and I have a date jar that we put $5 a week in a piece. We started this a few months after being together, because it always seemed awkward when we went out to have one of us pay. She was practically living here already and we liked the idea. We put the money away each week and then when we do want to go out, we have the money to do so. Both Sylvia and I keep ourselves on a pretty tight budget, so it is nice to have this money when we do want to go out! We find that it has worked well for us and so we continued to do it after she moved in and still continue to do it.

We buy groceries this way too. I put in a certain amount of money and so does she. We keep that money in our grocery wallet and use it buy all of our groceries.  Sylvia and I have never disagreed about money. I find it almost hard to believe, but we don’t.  I think it is because we both think alike and handle our money in the same manner!


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