So, Sylvia and I bit the bullet and went shopping last night for clothes for the wedding. We fed the boys before we left and then went to the mall. Neither of us likes to shop for clothes and especially for something a bit fancier than we usually wear! Thankfully, it turned out to be a fairly easy task. We decided on blue slacks and after trying on a few different pair, we each had a pair we liked. We enjoyed switching out slacks and had fun being a bit silly in the fitting room. I then found a yellow blouse to wear with my slacks. Sylvia had to shop around a bit more to find something she liked, but she did!

We then decided to shop for me a new bra. I have been in desperate need of one and so after looking at a few, I took some back to try on. Of course, Sylvia had to go with me and give me her approval(smile)! I found one I liked, and then picked up another one like it. We then went over to shoes and we each found a pair we liked.

After we were checked out, we headed to a restaurant to eat. We decided that it wasn’t too bad to shop together and we were thankful that both of us feel the same way about shopping. If one of us really liked to shop, the other one would not be happy! Now we are all set for the wedding in a few weeks!


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