My cousin is getting married in another state next month. Sylvia and I have decided to attend and take the boys. It will almost be like a family reunion. My mom is from a very large family and I haven’t seen most of them in about six years. Everyone knows that I am a lesbian. Heck I have a few other cousins who are gay and an uncle who came out later in life.  It will be my first huge family function since coming out though!

Sylvia and I are excited about going though. NOW the huge question is what to wear? I am not a femme and I am not butch….I am somewhere in the middle. I wear slacks and blouses to work, but nothing nice enough for a wedding. I really have no idea. I do know that I won’t be wearing a dress, that is for sure, and neither is Sylvia. I have never been comfortable dressing up and going out. I am a blue jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers girl!

Any advice on what to wear would be appreciated!


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