I am truly blessed to have Sylvia in my life. She is everything I want in a spouse/partner/girlfriend/friend! We are a lot alike though and yet we have a lot of differences. We are still working on our communication. We never argue about money…I mean NEVER. This is something my ex husband and I always argued about. We sometimes disagree about the kids, but that is rare.

We tend to a difference in opinion on the most mundane things. Later, we talk about how we could have avoided this difference of opinion. Sometimes we cry together and commit to work on this part of our relationship. We kiss and make up and we are good. I have found that being with a woman can be a bit more emotional, but there is more talking. We work it out. Another thing that play a part in this all is our monthly period. Wow, can we be moody!

Sylvia and I are committed to making this work. We each have our own insecurities and when she is insecure I comfort and reassure her. She does the same for me. I think all relationships have their ups and downs. No one is perfect….we are all human.


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