Sylvia likes to dry clothes on a clothes line, because they smell better AND you can save on the electric bill. Since July, we have hung the laundry on the line. We do dry our nicer clothes that we wear to work and some of the boys nicer school shirts. We also use the dryer if it is raining outside. So far it has worked really well and we only use the dryer about once a week.

Well, last week we had just hung up all the towels when it started to rain and we had to pull all of the down. We got in and threw them in the dryer. The buzzer went off and I checked the towels and they were still wet. So we ran it again and again when it was done they were a bit dryer but still WET. We cut the load in half and they finally dried. We had a load of clothes in the washer so we had to divide that up and dry it over several cycles.

This dryer is 17 years old so we decided it was just time to buy a dryer. We decided we didn’t need a top of the line dryer since we use the clothes line at least 95% of the time. We found one for $299 on sale and purchased it this morning. We are saving for a new washer too. She wants one of those newer front load models! My washer is about six years old so we have time to save!

This is our first appliance purchase and another milestone for us! It is being delivered on Wednesday!!!


3 thoughts on “We Bought Our First Appliance Together!

  1. Hehehe, congratulations! 😀 All milestones should be celebrated. Here’s wishing you many more appliances together, lol.

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