Sylvia and I are a lot alike and that is something that helps and hinders us. It helps because we each understand why the other one does what she does. It helps because we can usually figure things out. It hinders us at times, because we both can be very stubborn. One thing that we both have in common though, that I really enjoy is our sense of humor.

I love that we can laugh together and at each other! Sylvia had purchased a small room heater for us to use in the bathroom at night. We hate going into a cold bathroom. Well, it wasn’t working like we wanted it to so we decided we needed to return it. Thankfully, Sylvia had saved the box and instructions so all we had to do was box it up. Well, easier said than done. As I am trying to put it back in the box, rather clumsily, she says “do it with lovingly”. Now I look at her and say “LOVINGLY”. Now that is not how I would describe handling an inanimate object. Well, then she tries to get it back in the box and runs into the same issues I had. We then both try working together and neither of us is happy with this box or this heater. She is working on it and I said, “do it lovingly” and she just grins and at me and we start laughing. I am just rolling on the bed, I am laughing so hard. I then said, “take your two healthy hands and put it in the box.” At this, she is now laughing hysterically. This “two healthy hands” is another one of the things she says to Jack when he gripes about having to do something. After we finished laughing, we got the darn heater back in the box!

There are many more examples of our humor, and I may tell you more later, just not tonight! I love my Sylvia so much! I love cuddling, kissing, touching and laughing with her!


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