The boys and I are off for Christmas break for the next two weeks. We are looking forward to having some time at home. Sylvia’s job slows down during this time of year, but we will keep busy with things. The boys have some upcoming doctor’s appointments and we have family to see.

I took Ethan to a birthday party from 5pm to 7pm and Sylvia helped Jack get ready for a dance. It was nice that we could make sure both boys got to go to their function. Jack needed help with his button up shirt and bow tie, it is a formal dance. Sylvia then dropped him off and I’ll pick him up later tonight around 11:30. Sylvia got some pictures of Jack for me and I had fun with Ethan at his party.

Jack has been very happy recently. He has been giving Sylvia hugs. We asked him what would tell a friend who might ask who Sylvia is and he said, “I’ll tell them she is my mom’s friend.” We both like that and are glad he is comfortable talking to us about it. Most of my family was so afraid of HOW the boys, especially Jack, would react to me dating a woman. A year later, they all see how happy both boys are and there are no worries. They see how happy Sylvia and I are and we are accepted. I am happy for us. I asked Sylvia if she ever thought she would be with someone with kids and be a stepmom. She said she had never really thought about it, but is happy, and she got a family…..not just a partner. I got a new family too and so did my boys. Sylvia is such a big part of our family and I am looking forward to being a grandmother with her….but not for a very LONG time. Jack and Ethan have a lot of growing up to do!


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