Sylvia and I had only been together for two months this time last year and we spent Christmas Eve together alone. She cooked a traditional meal from her home country. We also spent Christmas Day together with my boys and my brother’s family.

 It was very nice, but this will be our first REAL Christmas together as a family. She will be here Christmas Eve to help me play Santa. She is going to cook dinner again for Christmas Eve, but this year the boys will eat with us. She will also get to wake up with the boys and experience Christmas morning. Now Jack is old enough to know about Santa, but Ethan still believes! I am excited about this first Christmas together as a family. Sylvia bought each boy an advent calender that counts down the days to Christmas. It has chocolate for each day and both boys have enjoyed counting down the days and eating the chocolate.

Now I just have to finish shopping for Sylvia. I have one gift for her under the tree but still have to find a few more things. We are pretty much done with the boys!! I have a few others to buy for, but thankfully most of it is done!


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