Sylvia and I had only been dating a few weeks last year when Thanksgiving came around. I spent the holiday with my family that lives about 2 hours from me. She spent the holiday with her friends. We talked quite a bit, but we hated being apart. This year we took the boys to my mom’s house and spent the day with my family. It was our first Thanksgiving together and our first big holiday with my family.

I am happy to say that everything went well. Sylvia jumped in and assisted my mom quite a bit in the kitchen. My sister came with her son as did my brother and his family. We ate way too much and of course, had dessert. We left around 7:30 to come home and both of us were very pleased at how things went. We even went and laid down for a bit and took a nap together.

It was nice to see that we could all get together at a family event. We even stole a few kisses here and there, but just pecks on the lips.

We went shopping this morning for  some Christmas items for the boys and had left overs for lunch and later dinner! We even got the Christmas tree up this evening. Ethan was quite excited and helped us decorate the tree!


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