Sylvia and I make breakfast for ourselves each morning and also for Ethan. Ethan usually has a waffle or cereal and then some fruit with an egg. I like scrambled eggs too and so we make two eggs that we split. Sylvia and I have a pretty good routine in the morning. I’ll start Ethan off with his cereal or waffle and she gets his fruit going. We are also throwing what we need to into a blender for a smoothie that we share.

I usually start getting the eggs ready to cook in the frying pan. Sylvia makes the eggs, because well I DON’T MAKE THEM right according to her. Now this does not upset me, but it has become this joke between us. I can’t even POUR the egg mix into the frying pan! Well, this morning I said, “the eggs are ready to be poured in…” and I started to walk the bowl over to the stove top. Well Sylvia yells(well maybe that is too strong word)…”NOOOOO” and I startled! I said, “I am not pouring them in, I know that is your job….” in my teasing annoyed voice. We both started to laugh….but MAN OH MAN… would think I could at least pour the eggs…right? I guess I shouldn’t complain too much, she is making my breakfast!

I am glad we can tease each other though….it helps us stay closer.


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