We will be celebrating our one year anniversary on Monday! Yes, on Halloween! It is hard to believe that it has been a year. I thought I would list the things I like most about being with Sylvia!

1. I like that we cuddle at night before going to sleep. It brings a nice close to our day and keeps us well connected.

2. I like that we set our alarms to go off earlier than we need to so we have time to cuddle before we have to actually get out of bed. On the weekends we may spend up to an hour in bed before we get up!

3. I like that we take care of each other. I have never really had anyone take care of me like Sylvia does. She wants me to be happy and if I am not feeling well she jumps in and takes care of me and if needed the boys so I can rest. I try my best to take care of her too!

4. We talk and we talk a lot. We chat during the day by phone and text. If the other one is tired and doesn’t want to chat right then the other understands that. We like talking.

5. I like our family. Sylvia has turned into a great stepmom. I never imagined meeting anyone who could be so good with the boys.

6. Love! I like the love! I am overwhelmed at times by how much I love Sylvia and I feel how much she loves me in her words and in her actions. We have a true connection.

7. Making Love and Intimacy–enough said.

8. I like that we aren’t clingy. We love being together, but we do our own thing at times.

9. I like the trust. I trust Sylvia and she trusts me. We have never given each other a reason to doubt the other. Trust is important to us both.

10. I like that we work it out. We don’t stay mad. We love each other too much.

I may think of a few more things, but for now these are the things I truly like about my relationship with Sylvia.


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