My mom has really had a hard time with my “coming out”. I wasn’t sure why. I just figured she didn’t like my change in life style. She was the one who wondered if Sylvia and I would be together after two weeks. She was the one who didn’t like public displays of affection. I know she has been going through her own growing pains of being a single woman in her mid sixties who is still four years away from retiring.

Well, the other night she called me all upset about something at work. Before I knew it, she changed the subject and asked me in tears if I was happy growing up. She asked me if I was happy as a teenager. She wondered how she didn’t know that I was gay. She worried that something was her fault….not that I was gay, but with my choices in marriage to a man and such. I assured her all of my choices were mine and mine alone. I was happy growing up and she had done a good job parenting me.

I am hoping this improves things between us. Sylvia and I will be taking the boys to her house to celebrate Thanksgiving. I believe things will go well. We will have been together over a year and thankfully all of my family accepts our relationship. I think my mom has always accepted it in her own way, but has had her own issues to deal with. I am hoping so at least.


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