One thing that is very hard for me to do is ask for help. I am not used to having someone in my life who actually wants to help me and doesn’t mind helping me. I worry that I will ask too much of Sylvia when it comes to the boys. She has always been eager to jump in and help with them when I ask, but am I asking too much?

Tonight we had a discussion about laundry. I won’t get into the details, but basically we weren’t communicating well. She was surprised I wanted to get a head start on the boys’ laundry and I said I didn’t mind clothes sitting around clean waiting to be folded over the weekend. We also hang our clothes on a clothes line to dry and so it takes a bit more work, but we don’t mind. She was trying, in her own way, to tell me she would help me with the laundry, but never came right out and said so. I never really came out and asked her if she would help.  We both finally figured out what we were trying to say and all is fine now. One thing I need to do is learn to ask for help and the thing I need her to do is be more straight forward with her offers to help.(I hope I got that right because she will read this soon after I publish it!)

Sylvia is very good with both boys. I couldn’t ask for a better partner and step-mom for the boys. I guess I worry too much. My ex-husband was not as eager to jump in and help, even when I point-blank asked him too. I am not used to having someone who wants to help, is eager to help and who doesn’t mind helping. I am so happy that Sylvia and I found each other and that we can be a partners together in our family.


3 thoughts on “Learning to ask for help!

  1. Sometimes, we get that feeling that maybe we shouldn’t ask for help because we don’t want to bother someone. But, there are times when there’s an exception to that rule when we trust someone to be there for us when we need it 🙂 glad it worked out for you 🙂

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