Sylvia and I are going out dancing tonight. Well, I will dance at least! She doesn’t mind me dancing with our friends that we meet there! It will be fun, even if she won’t dance with me. It is nice to be out and be able to be ourselves. I can give her a kiss or stroke her hair without worry of someone giving us “the eye”. There is usually a good turn out and it is fun to watch everyone having a good time! The boys will be staying home with Jack babysitting. They do pretty good together and no one is seriously maimed while we are gone.

Earlier today we went out to a support group meeting for one of Ethan’s special needs. It was at a large entertainment center with bowling, laser tag and games. We all bowled and had a great time. The boys and I did laser tag which was also fun. We all got credit on game cards to play games and win tickets. Even Sylvia won some tickets and picked out something she wanted from the prize store. We got to meet some other families who deal with the same special needs that Ethan deals with and we deal with as a family. It was one of our real first outings like this as a family and it went well. Sylvia and I both had fun as did the boys. We came home and took a nap though. It was a bit of a drive and we were up early, and we will be up late so we figured a nap would be a good idea.

Anyone else have plans tonight??


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