Sylvia and I have really enjoyed our summer. I am off from teaching and even though she works full-time and I work part-time(as much or as little as I want), we have enjoyed having time together. I am home a lot during the day and on some days she is too. Yesterday and today we had time to nap in the afternoon. We set a timer for about 30 minutes and lay down together. We both find it easier to relax and sleep when the other is around. We then lay together and chat for a bit when it is time to wake/get up.

Next week is going to be hard on both of us. I go back to work on Tuesday and will be tied up in four days of  meetings. At least I can sneak texts in during those meetings. I am sure we will MAKE time to chat on those days. The first two to three weeks of school are a crazy time too, but we both have promised to each other that we will make time to be together….to catch up, cuddle, chat or do whatever we need to, to stay connected. Neither one of us is worried. It is something we just both want to be aware of!

I enjoy my time with Sylvia so much!

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