PMS! Enough said, right! Well, let’s just say, Sylvia has PMS right now and it is always interesting. It has been a real learning curve for me to learn to have a partner with PMS. Now, I have PMS myself, but we all have different degrees of it. Before my period arrives, I usually have some stomach issues and am a little emotional. Sylvia can be very emotional with her PMS, but not every month. I am slowly learning how to read her emotions and what I can do to help out during this time.

Today was one of those days! She came in from work to chaos. Ethan was whining his room because I was on the phone with a parent who wanted advice on their special needs child. I had to remop this floor after Jack’s attempt at mopping, so all the kitchen chairs were in the den. After I got off the phone, Sylvia came out and she watched Ethan and I on the Wii Fit. We then went back to our bedroom and she spilled water all over her desk. Well that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. She became quite upset about all kinds of things. I just listened and then asked her to come and lay down with me.  She had some very valid points in her venting, but some of what she said stung a little. However, I knew it was all coming out due to her PMS. We lay together and we talked. She cried and we got all of it worked out.

I was just wondering how other lesbian couples deal with PMS?


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