Things continue to go well with me and Sylvia. We went on our first double date the other night with another lesbian couple. It was a lot of fun and we plan to do it again! Jack’s birthday was this weekend so we had the family over for a party. My ex husband and Sylvia finally got to meet and they got along well. My ex told me later that he liked her. Jack was happy that everyone came and I believe very happy that his dad came. Even my mother was nice!

Sylvia and I are taking the boys on a short vacation in a few days. Both boys are excited about going and I am getting excited too. We will probably eat too much, but hell, it is a vacation! I am ready for a few days of not working and not worrying about LIFE! Just go off and eat and have fun!

Sylvia and I went and spoke to a lawyer. We want to get medical and financial powers of attorney for each other. It is the closest we can come to being married int he state we live in. I also want her to have medical power of attorney on the boys just in case she needs to take them to the doctor. We also both made decisions about our wills. We are both pleased and the lawyer will contact us when the paperwork is ready. It is another big step for us and one we were ready to take!!

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