Sylvia and I had another wonderful night last night. We spoke about Tuesday night and all it meant for us. Soon one thing led to another and we were making love.. Now, some might say that I was little too detailed in my last post. So in regards to last night, let me just say that it was another wonderful night of passion. I once again felt so close to her. I clung to her afterwards, almost in tears because I felt so close to her.

We cuddled afterwards then tried to go to sleep. My brain was in such a whirlwind. I told Sylvia about this and she asked me to explain it to her. I just could not get my brain to calm down. I was so overwhelmed by the love we shared and our future together. Sylvia was so sweet and stayed awake to talk to me. She assured me that she wasn’t going anywhere and that we have the rest of our lives together.  We spoke for a long time and I realized that I had opened my heart up to Sylvia. I don’t even think I had ever really opened up my whole heart to my ex husband. He always found a way to hurt or disappoint me so I hid part of myself. Some of it wasn’t his fault. I was never meant to be with a man, but I have no regrets about that part of my life or my two boys. I realized that I don’t have to worry about trusting Sylvia with my heart. I see, in her eyes and in how she treats me, that she loves me whole heartedly and that I could share my heart whole heartedly with her.  This idea is what sent my brain into such a whirlwind. I shared this with Sylvia. I feel that I can tell her anything without fear of being made fun of.

I drifted off to sleep some time after one o’clock. I woke up this morning with Sylvia feeling so good about how things are progressing. My brain is still in a bit of a whirlwind, but it has calmed quite a bit. We both were tired all day, but last night was well worth it. My heart is safe with Sylvia as her heart is safe with me.


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